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Humane Bee Removal Services

bee removalBees are important in our ecosystem. Therefore they should not be killed unless it is necessary and they pose a threat to someone’s health. On our planet Earth, bees are said to be dwindling in numbers. This is because humans are using pesticides and other harmful liquids to kill them. There are also diseases that are causing the reduction. Therefore, we have got to protect the bees that we have so that we keep on seeing them.

Besides, bees make honey which is sweet. Honey has many medicinal properties and can be used for many purposes. Bees pollinate many crops. Many fruits are as a result of bee pollination. Bees therefore perform many jobs in our ecosystem. Bee farming has become good business for people in Zimbabwe.

Many people can send their children to school, hospital and also buy food. Therefore, contact us rodentpeople are encouraged to learn bee-keeping. Beekeeping can also be a favourite pastime and a good hobby. For people who have huge properties, backyard beekeeping can bring satisfaction and a good source of food.

However, bees can present a threat to people. In this regard, they are considered a pest. Hence they need to be removed or controlled.

 Bee Removal Services Experience

Pest Portal Zimbabwe is a humane bee removal services company in Harare. When you have a bee swarm, call us immediately and we will bring our technicians there in the shortest possible time. It does not matter where the bees are located on your property. Are they in a tree, ceiling, air vent or anywhere? Call us today and we will sent our bee removals team in the shortest possible time. We would want to work with bees preferably early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cooler. During these hours bees will be calmer. In the bee removal servicesheat, bees become quickly agitated and tend to sting anything moving close by.

You should not attempt to remove the bees yourself unless you have the knowledge. Handling bees without these can be dangerous and a person can die. Wikihow has an important article of what to do if attacked by bees

At Pest Portal, we have the know how of removing bees. Most of our service personnel have more than 15 years experience removing bees and have undergone important training in removing bees.

Structural Repairs

We also handle repairs needed as a result of a bee removal services. Small scale repairs and constructions will be necessary as we would have destroyed some areas to better access the bees and remove the honey combs. Hence, the process involves removing a part of the structure where bees have established their hive and then fully repairing the structure to its original form.

This happens, for example, when bees have established their home in an air vent. We will have to destroy the air vent, take out the honey and honey combs and then replace the air vent.

Emergency Bee Removal Services 24/7

We can attend to your bee removal problem all the time. This means even when you have a problem at odd hours, weekends or holidays, we are prepared to send our technician to attend to your problem. When it comes to the safety and well being of your family, domesticated animals, pets or your company personnel or tenants, we appreciate instant action is needed to prevent life threatening incidences. An available service which is available all the time is all you need.

Expert Bee Removal Services
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Expert Bee Removal Services
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We provide humane bee removal services. We do not kill bees unless it is necessary. Bees are important in our ecosystem