Construction Termite Proofing

Construction Termite proofing is important. It prevents a future termite attack.

Constructional termite proofing is very important when building a housecontact us rodent. These are activities and activities done to prevent a termite attack in the future. With termite control, prevention is always better than cure.

Homeowners have to understand that construction termite treatment is always better and cheaper than firefighting a termite attack. Termites will target expensive kitchen cupboards and skatings, resulting in huge losses that can be avoided if proper proofing is done.Proper termite proofing is therefore necessary to the health of your structure.

This exercise has to be done by experienced personnel. Pest Portal Zimbabwe has years of experience in constructional termite proofing. We have the personnel, equipment and recommended chemicals to ensure your project is done properly.

How Construction Termite Proofing is Done

Termite chemicals are applied when the foundations have just been dug. This means

construction termite proofing workers on a site
Termite Poison Should also be applied in the foundations dug before concrete footing

spraying will be done in at the bottom and sides of the foundations before concrete is poured inside.

After building the box structure of the house, some more applications are also done on top of the compacted surfaces. In Zimbabwe, a common phenomena is to buy termite poison from hardware shops and just put it around the foundations. The method that Pest Portal does differs from this method. This barrier prevents foraging termites from accessing the foundation, pillars and piers and, finally, the wood and beam structure in your house. Only the soil adjacent to the foundation is treated.

Is construction termite proofing worth the cost?

Yes it is. Adequately treated structures resist termites for a longer time than untreated or those that are treated latter. Construction termite proofing protects your prized acquisition and value for your children or in the event you latter sell the property. Schedule free today

Pre constructional Termite Proofing
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