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Termite control and treatment should be taken seriously if you are to protect your property. Of all the pests known to man, termites present the most danger to humans. They destroy property worth millions of dollars.

They eat cupboards, skatings, ceilings and anything that comes their way if it just tastes good resulting in huge financial losses. The most sad thing is most people do not know how dangerous termites are and only realise when it is too late. Homeowners should know how to identify signs of termite infestation

Most people build houses without even taking important measures to prevent a future termite attack. They do not know it is important to do pre-constructional termite proofing which is an exercise done when building your house. Even if they do, they do it inappropriately or use over-the-counter chemicals that will not achieve any protecting against termites in the long term. Therefore, homeowners or individuals need to take termite control very seriously.contact us rodent

Once termites target your house foundations, walls, roof, ceiling and beams, establishing a network of tunnels and nests, in most instances you won’t suspect anything until it is too late. Termites will only rise to the top where they are seen when the damage is in a difficult and expensive stage for you. You would not want it to be like that.

Types of Termite Species in Zimbabwe

There are over 15 known species of termites in Zimbabwe. Worldwide figures stand at 2 600. With this huge number, new types are even being discovered all the time.

types of termites

Termites live in colonies and they are organised creatures. Each member performs a specific job. In a typical caste system, we have workers, soldiers and the reproductive queen.

The workers make up the largest number of individuals within a colony and they do most of the work. The solders defend the colony against invaders and the queen is  responsible for producing members.

Our Termite Treatment Solution

contact us rodentTherefore, the first important thing is to be informed about the importance of termite prevention methods and how to do it in the event you have a termite problem.

Pest Portal has invested quite a lot in termite knowledge, behaviour and termite treatment methods. The period we have been in business has helped us to learn and come up with effective termite control methods.

Termite Control Assessment

When you give us a call, we schedule a termite assessment. We agree with you to come and see what is happening. What we need to know during our assessment is:

  • The nature of your termite problemtermite control
  • How long you have been having the problem.
  • The types of termites that are giving you problems.
  • Where these termites are coming from.
  • The extent of the termite damage to your property.
  • Helping you understand what is happening.
  • Any other important information

Preparation of Quote

When we have collected all the above information, we then prepare a formal quote. Our quotations are free in Harare. If you agree with the price on the quotation, you then schedule a date and time you need us to do the job. Schedule a free termite assessment today

Understanding the Source

For one to effectively control termites or any pest problem, it is important to understand the source of the problem. termite controlTermites come and have their home in a nest/mound/zvidzere/churu. Have you seen one in your property? If you have one, chances are that this is where your problems are coming from. At the termite mount, this is where the queen will be, breeding and laying more eggs. In Zimbabwe, the common termite nests are those of Harvester termites and white ants.  From the nest, the workers will travel from this looking for food. In most situations, they end up in your kitchen, eating cupboards and house skatings. Eliminating the problems at the source at most times will stop the problems in your home.

Termite Control Methods

At Pest Portal, we employ a number of termite treatment methods to make sure we control and treat the termites. Once we have identified the source of the termites, our treatment method will be targeted at that source.

Thermal Treatment

Thermal treatment involves using a petrol powered machine that pumps some poison into the nest, therefore killing the termite queen. When the termite queen is killed, the entire colony will be eliminated.

Liquid Termiticides & Toxins

Liquid poisons and other toxins are also applied in the nest to ensure the nest will be controlled of all the termites.

Spot Treatments

House skatings, cupboards, ceiling beams and house foundations are also sprayed with termiticides that will stop any further termite attack.

Follow Ups and Guarantees

After our termite treatment, follow ups are done to ensure the methods used are working. When a nest is treated, no more termites should be seen on that nest. This means it should stop building. When it stops building, it therefore means the problem has been controlled.

Our Guarantees are as follows:

Harvester Termite Nests – 5 Years
White Ant Nests – Lifetime Guarantee
House Skatings, Cupboards and Ceiling – 5 Years

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