Fumigation Services

Pest Portal Zimbabwe offers tobacco beetle, export and greenhouse fumigation services

Our fumigation services involves controlling your pest problem by way of filling an area with gaseous Fumigation servicespesticides or fumigants to kill or poison the pests within. Fumigation often provides effective control where other forms of pest control are not feasible and practical. Fumigation treatments can be also be carried out on infested material without disturbing it in any way.

Fumigation Solutions on Offer

1. Tobacco Beetle Fumigation

2. Export and Container Fumigation

3. Silo Fumigation

4. Stack Fumigation

5. Greenhouse Fumigation

Our Fumigation Services: How it is Donecontact us rodent

We cover the area to be fumigated to create a sealed environment. We then release the fumigant inside which kills any pest inside. After a stipulated time, the covering is removed and the area is ventilated to make it safe for human entry and use and the area will be pest free.

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Fumigation Services Harare
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Fumigation Services Harare
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