Message from CEO

Message from CEO

letter from pest portal ceo
Irenius Mhemba, the Founder and Chief Executive for Pest Portal Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd








For Zimbabwe, dollarisation and the multi currency regime has brought significant changes on our doorstep. For most companies the move brought both good and bad news. Prices have stabilised and we have moved out of hyper inflation.

Of late however, there has been a challenge of the much needed foreign currency which most firms use to import much needed raw materials. Also, some economic fundamentals have not changed much as compared to the periods prior to dollarisation. According to the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, unemployment levels is at 90%. Most companies are closing and most households and companies have taken a hard stance towards spending.

With the advent of a new political dispensation, the business environment has showed signs of improving after positive undertones by the Zimbabwean President. However, the elections on 31 July will show the direction the business environment shall follow.

Like many companies in Zimbabwe, the pest control industry cannot be extricated from the behaviour of the economy as a whole. For most people, pest control cannot be considered a basic good. Rather, it is a luxury commodity that can be consumed when all other basic needs have been met. Some people even consider doing it on their own. Therefore, as the economy cascades into recession, so has demand for pest control services. Although the correlation is not perfectly positive, the trend is, generally.

Giving More in Hard Times

Pest Portal Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd prioritizes the needs of all its customers, current and future. We would want to give more even during the hard times. Giving more in terms of pest control service and fumigation services quality and at an affordable cost. This also entails reducing our service fees for various pest control service categories to factor in economic difficulties.

Giving more has also involved being involved in the community. Part of this initiative has involved the company donating fumigation services to needy people in the community.

Moving Forward

As a customer focused company, Pest Portal Zimbabwe will strive to meet and surpass the pest extermination and pest elimination needs and requirements of all our customers. Such customer focus has made us invest in employee training in service delivery, customer and complaint handling.

Our quest to ensure effective methods has made us adopt effective methods and products and ensure customers realize value for money. We have also invested in technologies that complement this effort.

As we move forward into the future, we welcome all our stakeholders to share our vision and participate in our good story. A story of stability and value creation.

Irenius Mhemba

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

message from CEO





Pest Portal is a pest control company based in Harare but also covers the whole of Zimbabwe. The company provides customized pest management solutions for all troublesome pest varieties that include rodents, roaches, bed bugsmosquitoes and more. It also offers human bee removal services. Read here to know more about us.


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Irenius Mhemba
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Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Pest Portal Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd