Export Fumigation Certificate

Are you looking for an export fumigation certificate? Are you exporting materials that require sterilization or fumigation? Such materials that include raw wood items such as wood pallets or crates, wool, dunnages, and drums require fumigation before international shipping. It is important for these products being exported from Zimbabwe to international markets to meet the global quality standards.

Fumigation is necessary because there are chances that such materials may contain pest infestations by viruses and termites. Exporting these materials without fumigation may lead importing countries to receive pest infestations. To avoid this, countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Japan and other countries therefore require shipment containers to be fumigated before they are shipped from the origin country.

Pest Portal Zimbabwe is an authorised pest control and fumigation services company that fumigates these materials and produces a fumigation certificate for its customers.

export fumigation certificate
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What is a fumigation certificate and why is it required?

After fumigation, an export fumigation certificate should be drawn up and accompany the exporting materials. A fumigation certificate is an official document that validates that all boxes or shipment containers have been chemically disinfected or fumigated.