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Have You Got Termite Control & Treatment problems in Harare or Zimbabwe? At Pest Portal, we offer affordable and guaranteed termite control Harare solutions.

Of all the pest control problems combined in Zimbabwe, termites present the most danger to property owners. They damage all wood infrastructure in the house that include expensive wooden kitchen cupboards, doors, cabinets, wooden tiles and roof.

The most sad thing is it would have been expensive to install all these. The damage that comes to all this wooden infrastructure therefore takes a toll in repair costs. Sometimes, nothing is left to salvage anymore, meaning property owners have to replace everything.

With termites, prevention is therefore better than cure. Property owners have to take all it takes to make sure that termites are never in their property. Vigilance is therefore important in this regard. Property owners should therefore engage the services of pest and termite control companies.

termite control & treatment harare

At Pest Portal Zimbabwe, we come and do an onsite assessment to check out if there are termite issues. We check your kitchen cupboards, cabinets, skatings, doors, under baseboards, climb into the ceiling and check everywhere to see if there are any threats.

This assessment is normally free in Harare and Bulawayo where we are. If it is outside Harare, we normally charge a site assessment fee which is not that huge as compared to the problems you are trying to solve.

During our assessment, we normally check the following:

What And Where Are the Sources of the Termites

Termites normally come from termite nests or mounts. This is where the termite queen shall be, laying some eggs. These eggs hatch into workers. The purpose of these workers is to look for cellulose based food stuffs. We normally check nest size and number. The termites may also be coming from your neighbors properties as well. Surprisingly, we may not even find a nest in your property. The source of the termites may be in your neighbors. The worker termites may however be coming from the neighbors property and attacking your lawn, house wooden infrastructure and more.

Extent of Termite Damage in the Property

Our termite technicians shall also check the extent of the termite damage so far. We check your kitchen cupboards, cabinets, doors, skatings, under floors and also climb into the ceiling.

Termite Species Presenting a Problem

We also get to appreciate the termite species that is giving you problems. There are a lot of termite species in Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, we normally have got harvester termite nests or white ants. Different termite species require different problem solving methodologies and solutions.

After the termite assessment, we shall provide a comprehensive quotation taking into consideration what we would have noticed during the assessment. If you accept the quotation we would then send our termite technicians to render the termite control services

Our Termite Control & Treatment Harare Solutions

If you decide to solve termite solutions, its best to solve the problem quickly, once and for good. Delays in solving the problem would be catastrophic. This is because termites do not stop ravenously eating away all wood components in the house.

Termites work around the clock. A slight delay in stopping them shall be drowning you in costs everyday. Also, its wise that any termite control company that comes to your place is giving you solutions that are effective. Otherwise they shall take your hard earned cash yet leave you with the termite problem. Its therefore important to do your research well.

There are so many aspects that you should look for when looking for a termite control Harare company. You should look for the following termite control Harare company.

Factors To Look At in a Termite Control & Treatment Harare & Zimbabwe Company

If you have termites, what are the factors you should consider when looking for a company that shall solve your termite issues in Harare and Zimbabwe

Termite Control Guarantees

Does the company give guarantees on their work? A termite control Harare company should give guarantees on their termite work. They should guarantee that the nest they have done is not going to come up anymore. Guarantees on nests normally range from 5 years for harvester termite nests and lifetime guarantees for white ant nests. Its important to be given a guarantee on the nest because this is where the termite problems are coming from. When the termite problems are solved on the termite nest, you are assured that the worker termites being seen in the house shall be stopped since they shall be no more. If the house is sprayed for termites, its also important that guarantees be given for house treatment.

Family, Pet and Environental Safety Comes First

What methods are being used by the termite control company. There are many methods used in controlling termites in Harare and Zimbabwe. A termite nest can be dug manually and the queen captured. A thermal fogger can also be used to pump a poisonous termiticide into the ground which shall ultimately kill the termite queen and termites. Also, liquid termiticides and toxins can also be used on the nest.