Advantages of Using Our Thermal Termite Treatment Method in Zimbabwe

Our termite treatment team using thermal treatment method

Have you got termites in your residential, commercial or industrial property? You should act fast and engage our termite treatment services today. As a guaranteed pest control company in Zimbabwe, we use different methods of termite treatment. We can use thermal treatment, manual digging, liquid termiticides and also use gas toxins. All these methods can also be combined to achieve the best effect in termite control in Zimbabwe. On this page, we would want to introduce the most popular and effective method that we use. This method is shown in the video above.

What is the Thermal Termite Treatment Method

The thermal termite treatment method is a termite control method we use to eliminate termite nests on your property. Termite nests are mounds where the termite colony calls home. If you do not know how a termite mound looks like, the picture below shows a termite nest that is active. Inside this nest, there shall be a termite queen breeding, laying eggs.

With termite control, its therefore important to kill this termite queen. The termite queen is at the core of the colony. Once the termite queen is eliminated, the entire colony may be eliminated as well. This is what the thermal treatment method achieves. The thermal treatment method is therefore a method where a fuel powered machine is used to pump a poisonous termiticide into the termite nest. The termiticide, in the form of a fog, permeates into the nest and suffocates all the termites which are underground, including the queen. We close all holes which the fog is escaping from so that the fog stays underground. There is no way a termite colony can survive this barrage of toxic fumes.

thermal termite treatment

The image below shows one of our technicians using the thermal treatment method. As can be seen, a petrol powered machine is used to pump a poisonous termiticide into the ground. You can see the fog from the machine escaping from different holes in the termite mound. The technician is using a steel rod to close off the holes so that the fog stays underneath the ground, killing all termites which are underneath the nest.

Advantages of Using The Thermal Treatment Method

1. Fast and Effective Termite Treatment

Thermal termite treatment is fast and effective. Long gone are the days when people would dig the nest to get to the spot where the queen is. You would want your problem solved fast without the hussle and pain of seeing people huffing and puffing, digging in your property. When the thermal treatment machine is running, fog permeates down and around the nest, reaching every corner of the nest in no time.

2. The Method is Well Guaranteed

Not only is the method fast and effective, it is also well guaranteed. A guaranteed pest service means that a pest control gives an assurance they shall attend to the problem if it returns. At Pest Portal, we give guarantees on the nest treated. Our guarantees on the nest range from 5 years to lifetime guarantees. This shall therefore put your fears away as you are assured of support always.

3. Method Does not destroy Sod or Landscape

There is also danger that digging may affect the beauty of your place. Lawn may be affected and some scars may be left in the property after digging. However, with thermal treatment, no significant alterations are done on your property as a pipe is just inserted into the nest and chemical injected into the nest. We shall therefore achieve the best results without affecting the beauty of your place.

Have termite problems and want us to use the thermal treatment method? Then call 0772593344 or 0716044 for thermal thermal termite treatment that is safe, affordable and effective.

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