Heavy rains trigger anthrax, lumpy disease

Anthrax has claimed 32 cattle in 37 reported cases.

Herald | Date: 13 February 2014>

anthraxHeavy rains in recent weeks have caused disease outbreaks in livestock nationwide, a Veterinary Services Department official says. The department’s director, Dr Josphat Nyika, told The Herald that diseases such as anthrax, lumpy skin and black leg were on the rise due to the incessant rains.

“When we dip the cattle the chemicals are quickly washed away by the rains before they can have an effect on the animal,” he said.
He said his department had received reports of anthrax outbreaks in Dande, Muzarabani and Mazowe, and teams were dispatched to control the situation.

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Lumpy skin disease outbreaks were reported in Murehwa, Marondera and surrounding areas.
According to the Veterinary Services Department, there have been more than 2 250 cases of lumpy skin disease since mid-November last year. Eighty-one cattle were lost to lumpy skin disease in that period.

Dr Nyika urged farmers to vaccinate their cattle against the disease.
Veterinary officials say 375 cattle have died from tick-borne diseases countrywide.

Anthrax has claimed 32 cattle in 37 reported cases.