Mouse Gets Jammed in Printer Cartridge

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This is one of the more unusual causes of a printer jam: a live mouse stuck in the printer's ink toner cartridge..


We HAVEN'T been able to determine where these photos originated or who took them, but they don't appear to have been manipulated.


mouse gets jammed in printer cartridge










Is this technically a printer jam or a mouse problem? come and fix the printer jam please?



mouse gets jammed in printer cartridge









He's not dead but he's sure stuck. They do end up getting him out and letting him loose for those of you that are mouse lovers.


mouse gets jammed in printer cartridge3









It is a fact that these diminutive rodents can squeeze themselves into very small spaces — through a crack the size of a dime, for example, according to some sources — so it's plausible that the wee beastie depicted above indeed managed to get himself stuck halfway-in or halfway-out of the slot of the ink toner cartridge of an HP Laserjet 1200 printer.

On the other hand, someone could have put him there.

We also don't know — because we don't dare trust the veracity of the anonymous author of the email — if the mouse actually survived the mishap. He doesn't appear to be dead, necessarily, but neither does he show even the slightest sign of movement between one photo and the next. We can hope, at least, that he made it out alive and uninjured.