Bhudist Monk Runs For Dear Life As Bug Control Goes Bad. Temple Razed To The Ground

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monk runs away from burning temple



Karma? Bug eviction ends with blazing temple.

TOKYO — A Japanese monk trying to rid his temple
of a hornets' nest panicked when the hornets
attacked him and dropped a torch, burning his
temple to the ground, police said Thursday.

The Buddhist monk had put lighted rags on a stick
into the nest in the temple, but dropped it and ran
when the hornets flew out and attacked him,
Niigata state police official Yuichi Ozaka said. The
fire occurred Wednesday..

He said the monk, Atsushi Sato, 41, suffered burns
on his ears, face and left hand, but he was not

The temple in Ojiya City, northern Japan, was
burned to the ground, along with the nest, Ozaka

Police said Sato's burns were not life-threatening.

Source: Associated Press