Pest control man called in to check stench in offices found dead burglar wedged in chimney

By Martin Fricker | 4 May 2013 09:01

chimney burglar
Burglar meets death in Chimney

STAFF at a law firm complained of a foul odour and flies before Kevin Gough’s rotting body was discovered lodged halfway up a chimney.

A MAN found dead in an office chimney was a serial burglar. Staff had complained of a horrible stench and flies before Kevin Gough’s rotting body was discovered. They thought it was a pigeon and called in a pest control company who found the thief lodged halfway up. Detectives believe he could have been trapped at Moody & Woolley solicitors in Derby for four weeks.

Senior partner Julie Marson said: “It’s a dreadful way for anybody to die, regardless of what he was trying to do. “All our fireplaces are sealed off, so please don’t try to break in via the chimney because you won’t be able to get out again. “We hope this puts people off trying this sort of thing.” Workers spotted signs of a break-in a month ago when a hole was found in the roof. But they forgot about it until the smell became unbearable and they asked a builder to open up the chimney.

Julie said: “We thought it may have been a pigeon so we got a pest control guy to come and that’s when we realised it looked like it might be a human body.”

Homeless Kevin, 42, had a numerous convictions for burglary. He was jailed for two years and four months in 2010.

Derby Crown Court was told of nine other offences, including a break-in at a ­sandwich shop and a takeway on the same day. He stole cash and caused hundreds of pounds’ worth of damage. Gough’s family said they did not wish to comment yesterday.