Swarming Bees Terrorise South African Family

WHEN Onkutlwile Sekgotho goes to work she’s afraid she’ll arrive with another swollen eye! Bees have set up home in the wall at her gate –  and they’ve stung her three times. Sometimes she is a prisoner in her house.

By: YANGA SOJI-30 September 2013

“The bees often get so angry that I can’t get out,” said Onkutlwile (27). “They once stung me in my face and my eye was swollen for five

Onkutlwile Sekgotho
days,” she said. Onkutlwile was excited when she moved into her house in Protea Glen, Soweto.

But that was before she discovered her insect neighbours buzzing around. She’s tried to get rid of them with smoke and water from a hosepipe, but these methods didn’t work. “I don’t know what to do or think anymore,” she said.

“A colleague said the bees may attract snakes, which scared me. “Some people say they bring luck. I don’t know what luck they bring because I haven’t won Lotto.

“All they do is to limit what I can do in my own yard.” Because of the bees, she doesn’t invite visitors. “I’d love to bring people over, but I can’t have kids being stung while they play outside.”

The bees weren’t happy with Daily Sun’s visit. One nearly got into the SunMan’s ear while he was taking pictures.

Onkutlwile said: “I’m light-skinned and get pink when they sting me –  and it hurts! “I just want to live in peace. “I hope someone will help me to get rid of them.” However, Onkutlwile would love to eat the honey made by the bees. That would be sweet consolation for all the stings.

Commenting on the issue, our Pest Portal Zimbabwe Chief Entomologist, Luckson Hwekwere said bees become very aggressive. "Honey bees have the ability to be aggressive at any time, but certain things set them off. In the late summer and early fall, more of these conditions exist."
Bees also become aggressive when they are queenless, face a shortage of nectar and when there is rainy weather.

Perhaps its high time Pest Portal Zimbabwe crew fly to South Africa. Huh!!!

Source: Daily Sun.