How Can You Stop Rodent Infestation in Warehouses in Zimbabwe?

Rats present a serious threat to warehouses in Zimbabwe. If you are in the food industry, you may be wondering how you can stop rodent infestation in warehouses

Stop Rodent Infestation in Warehouses

If you are in the food and manufacturing industries in Zimbabwe, you would appreciate the dangers that rats present to the industry. Rats are one of the most destructive pests in the food industry. Besides spreading more than 55 disease types, rats can cause massive contamination of food and a significant loss of food. The damage they also do to property is unimaginable, coupled with the risk of fire that arises because of their shenanigans.

The rate rats breed in Zimbabwe is astronomous. They have a rapid lifecycle and this constant breeding makes them notorious. Rodents have high birth rates, low lifespan and also high death rates. In food preparation and warehouses in Zimbabwe, a few unnoticed rats quickly turn into a serious infestation, giving business nightmares within a short period of time. Some say a pair of rats can produce as many as 10 or more babies in a period of 21 days!

Damages Caused By Rodent Infestations in Warehouses in Zimbabwe

Rats are a serious threat to warehouses in Zimbabwe, especially those in the food industry. Rodents contaminate foodstuffs and also do damage. For example, rats gnaw and pick on seeds and grains, which leaves these foodstuffs not suitable for human consumption. Moreover, the urine and fecal matter left by these mammals contaminate food, making it harmful to humans and causing health complications and other ailments. It does not matter if the food is located in packets and plastic. Rats eat through and poison the contents.

Besides the damage they can do to your food and health exposure, rats damage files, papers and electrical wires. If electrical wires are damaged or frayed, there are also the risk of fire hazard. These fires can bring considerable losses as warehouses are destroyed and people can even lose their lives or be injured in the incidents. These fires can also bring considerable losses as stock is destroyed which leads to financial ruin.

Warehouses and companies in the food industry in Zimbabwe therefore need to be proactive against rodent populations. At Pest Portal Zimbabwe, we have tried and tested rodent control programs in place that reduce all the above mentioned hazards that rodents present.

How Can You Stop Rodent Infestation in Warehouses

At Pest Portal, we offer comprehensive rat control programs for companies in the food manufacturing industries. We have the right measure for you that can stop rodent infestation in warehouses.

Bait Stations Installation, Maintenance & Servicing

With rodents, it is important to take a proactive approach towards rodent control. Our proactive pest control approach involves us putting into place rodent control contracts. One form of contract involves installing bait stations around warehouses and food preparation areas. We shall put rodent bait in these bait stations. However, putting the bait and leaving it so is not enough. We shall pay regular visits to the warehouse so that we can replenish the bait and take other measures necessary in ensuring the rodents are kept at bay. These contracts are necessary in ensuring rodent problems are kept out of the property.

Are you interested in the program. Get hold of our contracts department on the email [email protected]

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