How much does termite treatment cost in Harare

How much does termite treatment in Harare cost? This is a very important question. Quite often, homeowners, companies and industrial properties find themselves with termite problems yet not know who to contact.

Are you looking for termite treatment services in Harare or Zimbabwe? You may be curious to know how much termite treatment & control costs in Harare or Zimbabwe. With termites, its important first to do a termite assessment. A termite treatment cost in Harare shall depend on the following:

1. What are the sources of your termite problems. Termites normally come from termite nests.

2. We also count the number of termite nests on the property. We also appreciate the size of the termite nests on your property.

3. We also want to find out where your termite problem is coming from. The sources of your termites may be underneath the house, in your property or in your neighbours property.

4. Thee extent of the termite damage if any. We get an opportunity to find out whether your kitchen cupboards, timber, roof beams and other critical infrastructure have also been affected.

After this process we shall prepare a comprehensive quotation taking all these into consideration.

However, most termite treatment in Harare costs shall range from USD80 to as much as USD350. They can also be more than this.

Treatment Cost in Harare

After the termite treatment assessment in Harare and upon acceptance of the quotation, we use various methods for controlling the termites. The methods we shall use include:

  1. Thermal Treatment and Fogging
  2. Liquid Termiticides
  3. Gas Toxins
  4. Manual Digging and more

Termite Treatment Guarantees in Harare

When considering termite treatment cost in Harare, its also important to find out if the termite treatment company gives guarantees on its services. A termite control service without guarantees is not a good service. You want to be given an assurance that even if the problem comes back, the termite control services provider shall come back and attend to the problem. At Pest Portal Zimbabwe, we give satisfactory guarantees to make sure your termite problem is kept at bay.

Cost of Termite Treatment in Harare | Call 0772593344 | Guaranteed Services
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Cost of Termite Treatment in Harare | Call 0772593344 | Guaranteed Services
Have you got termite problems in Harare and wondering how much does termite treatment cost in Harare. The cost of termite treatment shall depend on a number of factors that are the termite species, the number of termite nests, size of termite nests and the extent of the damage if any.
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